Trails where you can meet people from days gone past

三重県 / 熊野古道 推薦者 : 推薦者:鏑木毅(トレイルランナー)
Kumano Kodo, Mie Prefecture Recommended by Recommended by Tsuyoshi Kaburaki (Trail Runner)



The best place along this long trail to visit would have to be the Magose-toge Pass.

There are 5 pilgrimage trails that make up the Kumano Kodo: the Kiiji Route, Kohechi Route, Nakahechi Route, Ohechi Route, and the Iseji Route. The Iseji Route used to be a pilgrim trail from Ise Jingu Shrine directly to Kumano Shrine. The best place along this long trail to visit would have to be the Magose-toge Pass, with its beautiful stone-paved trails that run amongst Owase Japanese cypress (hinoki) trees.

Yakiyama-goe, known as the most difficult trail in the west of Japan, is also a fantastic spot. In ancient times many a pilgrim is said to have collapsed along this trail, and some of their graves can still be seen today. Visiting pilgrims were cared for, and their hometowns contacted should they collapse, and that special hospitality unique to the Kumano area continues to this day. Also, as this used to be a regular road not just a mountain path, there are many sayings associated with the trail, including “those who travel along this path may come across the deceased, who would be happy to meet them”. As you travel the Iseji Route, it’s fun to listen to the storytellers’ legends along the way.



Recommended by Tsuyoshi Kaburaki (Trail Runner)

The leading trail runner in Japan. ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI Race Committee Overall Director. He competed for the first time and won the first place in the trail run at Yamada Noboru Memorial Cup Mountain Climbing Competition in 1997. Afterwards, he has won the first place 7 times in the same competition, held onto the championship title twice (won the first place 3 times) at the Fuji Climbing Race, and won the 3rd place at the world’s most prominent competition, Ultra-trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB), which is the highest place as a Japanese runner in the history.

近隣施設:道の駅海山、馬越公園、まちかどホットセンター ほか
制定年 : 2020

Location: Kihoku, Kitamuro District to Owase City, Mie Prefecture

Distance: 8.53km
Road surface: stone paving, earth
Recommended season: spring, summer, autumn, winter
Nearby facilities: Miyase Roadside Station, Magoshi Park, Machikado Hot Center, etc
Average temperature: summer 27℃, winter 6℃
Greenery: very abundant

Year : 2020

アクセス :

スタート地点の道の駅 海山まで



・徒歩で約10分 車でのアクセス 



How to access the start at Miyase Roadside Station

– 30 min. walk from Aiga Station, JR Kisei Main Line

– Bus to Washige from Owase Station, 10 min walk.

By car

– 5 min. on Highway 42 from Miyama exit of Kisei Expressway


Editor:Akihiro Shindo
Photographer:Akihiro Shindo
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