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愛媛県 / 道後温泉近辺 推薦者 : 友近(お笑い芸人 / 女優)
Ehime prefecture, Dogo Onsen Recommended by Tomochika (Comedian / Actress)


My grandmother worked at Dogo Onsen, so I often went there to visit her since I was a child. Even now, I like to wake up in the morning and wander around, feeling the history of the streets, thinking, “This street has been here for a long time,” or “This street was built recently, but only this one is still here.
I like the narrow alley that turns from the main street of Dogo Shopping Street, which is lined with stores, to a store selling jumbo dango dumplings. I like this street very much because I pass by it in my private time, not for work. I believe that it is precisely because I pass by the street on my private time, and not on business, that some of the scenery remains in my mind.

友近(お笑い芸人 / 女優)

1973年8月2日生まれ。愛媛県出身。2000 年デビュー。03 年に NHK 新人演芸大賞で大賞、NHK上方漫才コンテストで優秀賞、04 年にABCお笑い新人グランプリで優秀新人賞を受賞。お笑い芸人として活動する一方、女優として舞台、テレビドラマ、映画などに多数 出演。2019 年、『嘘八百』(18)で第28回日本映画批評家大賞助演女優賞を受賞。代表作は、NHK 連続テレビ小説「あさが来た」(15~16)、「プロミス・シンデレラ」(21/TBS)、 「全裸監督(シーズン 2)」(21/Netflix)、映画『老後の資金がありません!』(21)、『暴れる、女』(21)など。歌手「水谷千重子」やプロアルバイター「西尾一男」としても活躍中。21 年には明治座・博多座で水谷千重子座長公演を開催。

Tomochika (Comedian / Actress)

Born on August 2, 1973 in Ehime Prefecture, Japan. She debuted in 2000 and won the Grand Prize at the NHK New Comedian Grand Prix in 2003, the Excellence Award at the NHK Kamigata Manzai Contest, and the ABC Comedy Newcomer Grand Prix in 2004.  While working as a comedian, she has also appeared in numerous stage productions, TV dramas, and movies as an actress. She won the 28th Japan Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Uso Happyaku” (18) in 2019. Her representative works include NHK’s TV series “Asa ga kita” (15-16), “Promise Cinderella” (21/TBS), “The Naked Director (Season 2)” (21/Netflix), and the film “No Money for Retirement!” (21/Netflix). , “Abareru Onna” (21), etc. She is also active as a singer “Chieko Mizutani” and a professional part-time worker “Kazuo Nishio”. 21, Chieko Mizutani will be performing at the Meiji-za and Hakata-za theaters as the head of the Mizutani Chieko theatrical troupe.

高低差:標高 36m~ 38m

制定年 : 2023

Location: Ehime prefecture, Dogo Onsen
Distance: about 0.1km
Road Surface: Asphalt
Vertical Interval: Between altitudes of 36 meters to 38 meters
Recommended Season: Spring, summer, fall, and winter
Nearby Facilities: Dogo-onsen, Parking lot, bicycle parking, restrooms
Average Temperature: Spring 13℃, Summer 24°C, Autumn 17.5°C, Winter 5°C
Traffic: A lot

Year : 2023

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From Matsuyama Airport
About 40 minutes by Matsuyama Airport Limousine Bus bound for Dogo Onsen Station, or about 30 minutes by taxi

From JR Matsuyama Station
About 25 minutes by Iyotetsu Tram bound for Dogo Onsen, or about 25 minutes by taxi

From Matsuyama Sightseeing Port
(Matsuyama Tourism Port)
About 43 minutes by Matsuyama Sightseeing Port Limousine Bus bound for Dogo Onsen Station, or about 25 minutes by taxi


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