Routes created by runners themselves

埼玉/加須市 推薦者 : 川内優輝(ランナー)
Kazo, Saitama Recommended by Yuki Kawauchi (runner)





Routes created by runners themselves

I recommend training in the grassy areas of the park which are full of trees, an idea I originally had after seeing some local runners running on the grass in another park and thinking to myself “Hmm, it’s possible to create your own running course on the grass too.” This has changed my perspective, and I have found that my nearby park is a wonderful training ground.
In summer, when everyone is in the pool, you can run on a shady cross-country course. I do everyday training on a cross-country course in Kazo Hanasaki Aquatic Park. This park has a wonderful atmosphere thanks to its abundance of trees—so many that a bird-watching group regularly holds meetings here—and with the large pool located in the center, it is a place that everyone can enjoy in their own way in summer.
The course I run is more than 2km long; it is a little difficult to describe, but it winds its way along in the shade, does a circuit around the lake and weaves in and out between the trees. There are also courses of 1km and 1.5km in length along the paved road, but the cross-country course is my ideal training course: the grass is very neatly maintained, the course is skillfully laid out to ensure that over 90% of your running is in the shade, it is kind on the legs, and provides your muscles with all kinds of training due to having just the right degree of ruggedness.



Yuki Kawauchi (runner)

After graduating from Kasukabe Higashi High School in Saitama and Gakushuin University, Yuki Kawauchi currently works as a Saitama Prefecture public servant.
While studying at Gakushuin University, Yuki ran twice in Hakone Ekiden as one of the select runners from the Inter-University Athletic Union of Kanto. From 2009 onwards he has run successfully as a “citizen runner” while also working as a public servant in Saitama. Yuki finished third in the 2011 Tokyo Marathon and was the first Japanese runner to finish. In the same year he ran in the IAAF World Championships in Athletics and helped his team claim a silver medal. Subsequently, Yuki has gone on to win marathons in Hokkaido, Sydney, Hofu and other cities. Yuki finished first in the Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon in February 2013, breaking the record with a time of 2:08:15. The following month he set a new personal best in the Seoul International Marathon beating his previous time by one second. In the month following the Seoul International Marathon he became the first Japanese runner to win the Nagano Marathon.


制定年 : 2013

Location: Kazo, Saitama Prefecture
Distance: Courses determined by the runner including road (1km and 1.5km course), grass and cross-country
Road surface: Asphalt, grass, earth
Altitude difference: Reasonable degree of slope
Recommended season: All seasons
Nearby facilities: Running station (lockers, shower room: fee-charging); toilets,pool, parking lot (holds 1,200 vehicles: fee-charging according to the season)
Average temperature: Summer: 25.8℃/Winter: 4.6℃
Greenery: Very abundant

Year : 2013

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10-minute walk after getting off the Tobu Isesaki Line at Hanasaki Station
15-minute drive from the Kuki Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway (via Saitama Prefectural Road No. 370)
12-minute drive from the Kazo Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway (via Saitama Prefectural Road No. 370)