The Road of Autumn Cherry Blossom

埼玉/久喜市 推薦者 : 川内優輝(ランナー)
Kuki, Saitama Recommended by Yuki Kawauchi (runner)




The seeds for different colors of flower—pink, white, red and yellow—are sown at slightly staggered intervals

In the city of Kuki, running alongside Kasai Irrigation Canal is a road planted with flowers whose seeds are sown with great care by local volunteers. A certain stretch of this road is known as the Cosmos Fureai Road, and has signposts placed every 100m along its length which show the distance travelled along the route. The seeds of the flowers are sown on the first Saturday of August every year through the cooperation of local people—around 700 people in most years—including local elementary school students and residents’ associations, making this a road that truly enjoys the support of its local community. The entire length blooms with a single type of flower: poppies in spring, cosmos (autumn cherry blossom) in fall. The seeds for different colors of flower—pink, white, red and yellow—are sown at slightly staggered intervals, so that even if you run on this route daily you will find that its appearance changes from day to day and can be enjoyed for a long time.

This is a course I generally run on days when I go for a jog in the morning; it is a flat road with relatively few major intersections or crossings, and people can also cycle here. I particularly recommend this route in the spring and fall when the route is easy to run and you get a strong sense of the season. The flowers are absolutely beautiful, and it gets you into the mood for running. When I’m running towards my workplace, I follow the passage of the canal downstream. Alternatively, I sometimes run in an upstream direction and keep going until I get to the Tone River.



Yuki Kawauchi (runner)

While studying at Gakushuin University, Yuki ran twice in Hakone Ekiden as one of the select runners from the Inter-University Athletic Union of Kanto. From 2009 onwards he has run successfully as a “citizen runner” while also working as a public servant in Saitama. Yuki finished third in the 2011 Tokyo Marathon and was the first Japanese runner to finish. In the same year he ran in the IAAF World Championships in Athletics and helped his team claim a silver medal. Subsequently, Yuki has gone on to win marathons in Hokkaido, Sydney, Hofu and other cities. Yuki finished first in the Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon in February 2013, breaking the record with a time of 2:08:15. The following month he set a new personal best in the Seoul International Marathon beating his previous time by one second. In the month following the Seoul International Marathon he became the first Japanese runner to win the Nagano Marathon.


制定年 : 2013

Location: Washinomiya, Kuki, Saitama Prefecture
Distance: 5km one-way road
Road surface: Asphalt
Altitude difference: Flat
Recommended seasons: Spring and fall
Nearby facilities: Toilets, library, hot spring
Average temperature: Spring: 12.8℃/Fall: 17.4℃
Greenery: Abundant
Other comments: Runners should make use of the pedestrian bridges and pedestrian crossings at intersections where there is a high volume of traffic.

Year : 2013

アクセス :

JR宇都宮線「東鷲宮駅」下車 徒歩約6分
東武伊勢崎線「鷺宮駅」下車 徒歩約15分


6-minute walk after getting off the Utsunomiya Line at Higashi-Washinomiya Station
15-minute walk after getting off the Tobu Isesaki Line at Washinomiya Station


Editor:Keita Yamamoto, Akihiro Shindo
Photographer:Kuki city, Keita Yamamoto
Production: Runner’s Information Research Institute