A road of lawn that’s kind on the legs

東京/砧公園 推薦者 : 横田真人(800mランナー)
Kinuta Park, Tokyo Recommended by Masato Yokota (800m runner)



芝生の上など、不整地を走るのは、いろいろな効果がある。一つはバランス。レースでは、バランス崩しながらもしっかり走れないとダメだし、接地の感覚が違っても走れないといけない。不整地走ると、重心の移動をしっかりさせたり、軸のブレない走りが自然に身に付く。 レースと同じようにバランスを崩しながらの走りを体感できる。もう一つは、脚にダメージが少ないこと。アスファルトは脚によくない。日本人はアスファルトを走るのが好きだけれども、外国の方はそこにすごく気を使っている。脚のことを考えると、不整地や芝の上を走った方がいい。

It’s better for your legs to run on natural terrain or lawn

Nowhere else in Tokyo’s 23 wards can you run this far on the lawn. This park was created for people to touch and enjoy the lawn and is very well maintained. Though it’s not an official track, there is a narrow track that probably formed gradually by a series of lone runners following the same path.
Running on natural terrain such as lawn has a variety of effects. One is balance. In a race, you have to be able to run well even if you don’t have complete balance, and you have to be able to run even when the ground feels different. When you run on rough terrain, you naturally learn to skillfully shift your center of gravity and how to keep your axis steady while running. Kinuta Park lets you experience what it’s like to run without complete balance, the same as in a race. Another feature is that there is less damage to your legs. Asphalt is not good for your legs. Japanese people like running on asphalt, but people overseas are very mindful of not running on it. It’s better for your legs to run on natural terrain or lawn.



Masato Yokota (800m runner)

Born in Tokyo in 1987. After attending Rikkyo Ikebukuro High School and Keio University, he joined the Fujitsu Track & Field Team run by the business group. He is a top athlete who represents Japan in middle distance running, being a six-time winner of the men’s 800m final at the Japan National Championships. He represented Japan at the London Olympics. In October 2009 he recorded a time of 1:46:16, setting a national record in the men’s 800m for the first time in 15 years.


制定年 : 2012

Location: Kinuta Park, Setagaya, Tokyo
Distance: Can run freely on the vast site
Road surface: Lawn, asphalt
Altitude difference: Moderate
Recommended seasons: All
Nearby facilities: Rest rooms, kiosk, parking lot, restaurant, art museum
Average temperature: 29°C in summer, 9°C in winter
Greenery: Abundant

Year : 2012

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Tokyo Den-en-toshi Line, get off at Yoga, 15 minutes’ walk
From Chitosefunabashi on the Odakyu Line, catch a Tokyu bus and get off at Kinuta Koen-Ryokuchi-Iriguchi
From Seijogakuen-mae on the Odakyu Line, catch the Tokyu bus and get off at Okamoto 1-chome


Editor:Moto Takagi, Tetsuya Tsukamoto, Motoki Oyagi
Photographer:Moto Takagi, Tetsuya Tsukamoto, Motoki Oyagi
Production: Runner’s Information Research Institute