A road protected by a mountain where gods reside

鳥取県/ツール・ド・大山 推薦者 : 小原工(トライアスロン選手)
Daisen, Tottori Prefecture Recommended by Takumi Obara (triathlete)





A road protected by a mountain where gods reside

I have cycled in various locations since I began competing in triathlons 23 years ago. I have been traveling along the Daisen Sightseeing Road by car since my childhood, but when I rode along it by bicycle I was again reminded of Daisen’s superb natural beauty. After passing by the front of Nikko Elementary School and climbing the slope, if you look back midway you can see Daisen above the elementary school. It is a picturesque spot where artists sometimes take canvases and do sketches. This course cannot be taken by car, so if I hadn’t traveled by bicycle I wouldn’t have known about the road. There is also little traffic in the vicinity of Daisen, so in many places the roads are suited to cycling.
The Tour de Daisen cycling event is held every year in May, and for training purposes, I ascend the road with the middle- and high-school students I coach to Daisenji, which is the starting point for the event. You can also see the Sea of Japan from Daisenji. When competing in triathlons, it is ideal to be able to swim in the ocean and then ride on a mountain immediately.
The most appealing thing about Daisen is that it is near the sea. There is also an upward road that extends almost straight for 13 kilometers, which serves as a good benchmark for training. Additionally, when viewed from the south Daisen is shaped like Mount Fuji, but when seen from the north it appears angular. Depending on where you are it thus seems like a completely different mountain. Daisen has a 1,300-year history, and it is referred to as a mountain where gods reside. Wherever you are riding Daisen is by your side, making you feel protected and safe.


トライアスロン選手兼コーチ。1967年生まれ。鳥取県米子市出身。1992、93、95、97、98年のアジアトライアスロン選手権優勝。2000年ワールドカップ石垣島大会では日本人初の表彰台3位となる。同年、シドニーオリンピック代表に選出され、日本人最高位となる 21 位に。現在はトライアスロンチームエフォーツのヘッドコーチとして後進の育成に力を注ぎながら、自身もレースに出場している。

Takumi Obara (triathlete)

Born in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture in 1967, Takumi Obara won the Asian Triathlon Championships in 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997 and 1998. At the 2000 Ishigaki ITU Triathlon World Cup he became the first Japanese to stand in third place on the winners’ podium. In the same year he was selected to represent Japan at the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympic Games and he placed 21st, the highest among the Japanese triathletes competing. He is currently attached to the Team Efforts triathlon team.

距離:ツール・ド・大山 約85km

制定年 : 2013

Location: Daisen Town, Tottori Prefecture
Distance: Tour de Daisen, approximately 85 km
Road Surface: Asphalt
Altitude variation: approximately 800 m
Recommended season: From spring to summer
Nearby facilities: Kyukamura Okudaisen, Daisenji (Daisen Temple) (accommodation facilities)
Average temperature: Summer: 25°C / Winter 0-5°C
Greenery: Abundant
Other comments: Attained elevation: approximately 2,200 m

Year : 2013

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Approximately 20 minutes by car from the Yonago IC on the Yonago Expressway
approximately 50 minutes by bus or car from JR Yonago Station


Editor:Moto Takagi, Tetsuya Tsukamoto, Madoka Hattori
Photographer:Tetsuya Tsukamoto
Production: Runner’s Information Research Institute