A road where you can become one with the wind

愛媛・広島/しまなみ海道 推薦者 : 高橋尚子(ランナー)
Shimanami Sea Route, Ehime and Hiroshima Recommended by Naoko Takahashi (runner)





A road where you can become one with the wind

The Shimanami Sea Route is a long road that runs for approximately 70 km and joins Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture with Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture. It is possible to run or cycle along the road while enjoying the vista of the Seto Inland Sea’s islands, such as Oshima and Naoshima.
Imabari is Japan’s largest towel production area and is home to Imabari Castle. Around the outer perimeter of the castle there is a walking trail of about 1 km that is maintained as a park, where it is possible to enjoy jogging freely. The moat is filled with seawater, which means you can run along comfortably accompanied by the scent of the tide. Nearby to Imabari Castle is Chikami-yama, and if you jog up to its 250-m high summit as if you were taking a hike, the 360-degree panoramic view spreads out before you from the top, allowing you to look across the sweep of the Shimanami Sea Route.
The supreme spot is a dedicated biking and pedestrian lane that lets you traverse the strait of the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge, a bridge with a rare design consisting of three consecutive suspension bridges. It allows you to become one with the wind while looking down on the islands directly below, which rise from the Seto Inland Sea. There is also a cycling road in place, and with a height of 65 m from the sea’s surface to the bridge’s girders the road genuinely makes you feel like you are running over the ocean.


中学から本格的に陸上競技を始め、県立岐阜商業高校、大阪学院大学を経て実業団へ。1998年名古屋国際女子マラソンで初優勝、以来マラソン6連勝。2000年シドニー五輪金メダル、01年ベルリンでは世界記録(当時)を樹立。08年 10月現役引退を発表。現在は「高橋尚子のスマイル アフリカプロジェクト」や環境活動、スポーツキャスター、 JICAオフィシャルサポーターなどで活躍中。00年国民栄誉賞授賞。

Naoko Takahashi (runner)

She started full-fledged training for track and field in junior high school. After Gifu Commercial High school and Osaka Gakuin University, she joined the corporate team. In 1998, she won her first marathon in Nagoya International Women’s Marathon. Since then, she won 6 marathons consecutively. In 2000, she won the gold medal in Sydney Olympics, and established the world record in Berlin in 2001. She announced to retire in October 2008. She is now active in various projects and roles such as “Naoko Takahashi’s Smile Africa Project”, environmental activities, as a sports broadcaster, and JICA official supporter. She received the People’s Honor Award in 2000.

その他 自転車での通行は有料となります

制定年 : 2013

Location: Ehime Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture
Distance: Approximately 70 km, one-way road
Road Surface: Asphalt
Altitude variation: 250 m
Recommended season: Spring, summer, autumn, winter
Nearby facilities: Parking and toilets (Imabari Castle, Imabari Yunoura Onsen, Chikami-yama, Kurushima Kaikyo Observation Hall)
Average temperature: Summer: 27°C / Winter 7°C
Greenery: Scarce
Other comments: Cyclists must pay a toll to use the road.

Year : 2013

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Approximately 10 minutes by bus from JR Imabari Station.
approximately 10 minutes by car from the Setonai Shimanami Kaido / Imabari IC.


Editor: Kentaro Nose, Tetsuya Tsukamoto, Madoka Hattori
Photographer: Tetsuya Tsukamoto
Production: Runner’s Information Research Institute