高橋尚子(ランナー)。中学から本格的に陸上競技を始め、県立岐阜商業高校、大阪学院大学を経て実業団へ。98年名古屋国際女子マラソンで初優勝、以来マラソン6連勝。2000年シドニー五輪金メダル、01年ベルリンでは世界記録(当時)を樹立。08年 10月現役引退を発表。現在は「高橋尚子のスマイル アフリカプロジェクト」や環境活動、スポーツキャスター、 JICAオフィシャルサポーターなどで活躍中。2000年国民栄誉賞授賞。

Ms. Takahashi
“In Japan, there are good roads that are not known yet. Roads which are not famous, nameless roads. Please name those roads and send them to the research institute.
Its theme can be anything; a road through a fruit farm, a path where frogs croak, a road with winds through buildings, a road with big sky, and a road where Tana japonensis call.
Please make the road’s unique characteristic into its name, write down reasons for your recommendation, and send it to the research institute.
By discovering roads that are fun to walk, comfortable to run, and good to cycle, we would like to create new sightseeing spots throughout Japan.
The objective of the research institute is to make Japan No.1 place that people around the world want to visit.
You can participate from the application “Runner’s Info” and website.
Please let us know the road which you recommend. I would like to run with you on the road which I don’t know yet. ”

Naoko Takahashi (runner). She started full-fledged training for track and field in junior high school. After Gifu Commercial High school and Osaka Gakuin University, she joined the corporate team. In 1998, she won her first marathon in Nagoya International Women’s Marathon. Since then, she won 6 marathons consecutively. In 2000, she won the gold medal in Sydney Olympics, and established the world record in Berlin in 2001. She announced to retire in October 2008. She is now active in various projects and roles such as “Naoko Takahashi’s Smile Africa Project”, environmental activities, as a sports broadcaster, and JICA official supporter. She received the People’s Honor Award in 2000.