Zaimokuza Beach

Daisuke Igarashi (Comic artist)




When evening comes on the Zaimokuza Beach in Kamakura, the people living around there come out and watch the sun going down or take their dogs for a walk. In summertime, the seaside huts open for business, so I drink beer there. On fine tranquil evenings when the waves are not rough, the air is sometimes mellow. I feel at peace at such times. When I walk along there in summer, I’ve always got beach sandals on, and if I walk in the water, the heat escapes through my feet so it doesn’t matter even if the sun is blazing. When I walk in bare feet, the sand feels nice. It’s a gently sloping beach, so it’s a good place even for small children to play.
There are also lots of creatures. Fish and crabs. On summer nights when there’s a full moon, crabs carrying lots of eggs enter the water and shake their bodies, releasing all the eggs. I hear that in this neck of the woods, the water is cleanest, and it seems some creatures can only live where it’s clean.
Sometimes I find some unexpected thing that has been dropped, a bone of a medium-sized who-knows-what animal, and I hear that on occasions some object from the Kamakura Period is found jumbled up with other things on the beach. I always try to choose times when there’s no one around for my strolls along the beach. For example, in summer I’ll go when the sun is blazing in the middle of the day, and in winter I’ll go when it’s windy and cold and there’s hardly anyone about. The air is clear, so the sky is beautiful and the coldness feels nice.


1993年に『月刊アフタヌーン』にてデビュー。高い画力と繊細な描写で自然世界を描く。2004年、『魔女』により文化庁メディア芸術祭マンガ部門優秀賞。2009年、『海獣の子供』により第38回日本漫画家協会賞優秀賞、第13回文化庁メディア芸術祭マンガ部門優秀賞を受賞。2012年、初の画集「海獣とタマシイ 」を出版。

Daisuke Igarashi (Comic artist)

Made his debut in 1993 in Monthly Afternoon. He uses his superb drawing skills and delicate detail to portray the world of nature. In 2004, his manga Witches received an Excellence Prize in the manga division of the Japan Media Arts Festival run by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. In 2009, Children of the Sea received an Award for Excellence at the 38th Japan Cartoonists Association Awards and received an Excellence Prize in the manga division of the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival run by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. In 2012, Igarashi published his first manga collection, The Sea Animal and Tamashii.