Only human like to draw straight lines.

Ryuichi Sakamoto (musician)





Many years ago, I went to the Brazilian Amazon. Of course you take an airplane when you go to the Amazon. When looking down on it from the sky above, you can see logged forests for some time, but there is also a vast jungle which appears to spread beyond the horizon. Running through this, you will notice one geometrically straight line. This is a man-made road.
Nature does not contain a single straight line. All lines found in nature are curved and devious. You might remember the term “fractal,” which appeared in the 1980’s. Only human love to draw straight lines. You can tell this by looking at a city. The human brain likes such things. The result comes out of human’s desire for simplification.
Nature is full of devious, jagged, or spiral elements. Look at plants. They evolve in a spiral fashion. This is also true for animals and cells. It seems that only human are bound to drawing straight lines. Why is that? It has long been a question of mine. Imagine a road. It will certainly be straight.
When I looked at the Amazon from above, in the vast fractal jungle, I noticed a simple line stretching out to the horizon and sensed that it was human.


1978年『千のナイフ』でデビュー、同年YMOに参加。のち、数々の映画音楽を手がけ、作曲家としてアカデミー賞を受賞。常に革新的なサウ ンドを追求する姿勢は世界的評価を得ている。1999年のオペラ「LIFE」以降、環境・平和・社会問題に言及し、2007年7月、「more trees」の設立を発表し、温暖化防止の啓蒙や森林保全・植林の活動を表明。音楽活動では2006年に「良質な音楽の発信基地」としてレーベル ”commmons”を設立しジャンルやカテゴリーを越境した活動を続けている。NY在住。

Ryuichi Sakamoto (musician)

In 1978, Ryuichi Sakamoto debuted with “Thousand Knives” and in the same year, joined the group Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO). Late, he wrote numerous musical pieces for movies, before winning an Academy Award for composing. His approach of always trying to find an innovative sound has been met with high regard worldwide. Since he composed his opera “LIFE” in 1999, he has been commenting on issues concerning environmental protection, peace, and social problems. In July 2007, he announced he was establishing “more trees”, an organization that would be engaged in activities for global warming prevention awareness, forest protection, and afforestation. In the field of music, he established a new label “commmons” in 2006 as a base to bring forth good-quality music and continues activities across different genres and categories. He lives in New York.