Body is All Connected

Hitoshi Mimura (Meister Hitoshi Mimura)




Fit of the shoe to athlete’s foot is a very important factor. All human parts are connected together. The shock received by feet affect the back, shoulders as well as head. For that reason, I wish everyone would select shoes that fit well to his/her body. If you feel dull pains in shoulders, back or both, you should look sideways at your shoes, whether you walk or run.
While you are young, cushion-less shoes might do all right because your ankles are flexible, but as you advance in age, cushion becomes important. You can change problems of your body by changing shoes. A variety of people come to my Lab to look for shoes especially those who suffered stroke or bodily disabled in some way in search of shoes that fit their needs exactly. Making shoes for these people is very challenging and make me feel worthwhile.
The feet of each person are different from all other people therefore it is important for each of them to know his feet. For example, majority of people have feet of different size. For this reason, select the shoes of the size of the larger foot, try both of them together to assess how the soles feel when you are buying shoes. When your feet a wide, be sure to select the wide type shoes, when the arch is low, buy also arch-less inner sole together with your shoes.



Hitoshi Mimura (Meister Hitoshi Mimura)

As a high school student, he was Captain of the high school track team and competed in the Inter High Games. Although he received athletic scholarship from universities, he chose to join the Onitsuka K.K. (present ASICS Corporation). He has since worked on shoes for Toshihiko Seko, Yuko Arimori, Naoko Takahashi, Ichiro and other top athletes. He now runs his own shop, the MimuLab (M.Lab).