Roadless Road

Wim Wenders (Film Director)




“What is your favorite road?” “Mountains and deserts.” A film director Wim Wenders answered the question quietly. In the past, he crossed the Australian Desert, walked the Death Valley in the United States, and trekked the Alps from Salzburg to Vienna in 4 weeks. He was alone when walking through Alps. “I wanted to go to Vienna, and I wanted to be myself.” He answered quietly.
While Wim Wenders has shot many road movies, what do actions of moving and walking mean for him?

When I asked his favorite road in Japan, he answered “Shinjuku.” It was a little surprising. He said that crowds of strangers and noise of the city leave him alone. Although he himself is a calm person, he loves noise (his surroundings being loud). He usually listens to the music at a very big volume. When he thinks in loud environment, he feels very relaxed. For him, tranquility of mind is about being in some kind of isolated situation, separating himself from the world by various noises and outer elements which
exist outside of him.

He also says, “I wander the town I’m not familiar with. When I don’t know where I’m heading, have no goal, and don’t know what awaits me, I get inspired by walking.” Choosing a path by your instant judgment and going forward. In order to walk like that, you need to be alone and accept various unexpected things. You also need viewpoints to find “signs” shown by towns. Towns, mountains, and deserts are all talking to us.And, we listen to their stories. Perhaps that’s what the action of walking means to him.


Wim Wenders (Film Director)


Writer: Tetsuya Tsukamoto
Editor: Akiko Toya, Yasuo Murao
Photographer: Tetsuya Tsukamoto