Let’s say,‘I'm passing by'!

Yuko Arimori (Runner)




One day, when I was running along the Imperial Palace, I saw a foreigner getting very angry. There are no appropriate Japanese words to exchange when passing by such as “Excuse me”and“On your left.” Since running has become very popular in Japan, we should be aware of the running manners as well.
Let’s say, ‘I’m passing by!’ For foreigners, we can say “Excuse me.” in English. More politely, we can say“Excuse me. I’m passing by,” “I’m passing by on your right, or “I’m passing by on your left.” With such words, we don’t distract pedestrians walking pleasantly.
Runners tend to be self-centered once they start running. I understand that feeling, because I was always told not to stop during the running race no matter what happens. But, it is dangerous without any communication when we run on the streets. If everyone becomes like such “out of my way!” runner and makes walkers feel guilty for walking in the way, running on the road might be prohibited in the future. Roads are not tracks. You just need to say “I’m passing by.” It’s very simple. Yuko Arimori (Runner)



Yuko Arimori (Runner)

Acquired a silver medal at Barcelona and a bronze medal at Atlanta. She was the first ever female Japanese Olympic games medalist. The representative director of the NPO Heart Of Gold. Received a Female Sports Award from the International Olympics Committee (IOC) in 2010.